Marauders Manager of the Month Award for March (and other news)

Well its that time of the month again, when we assess the results of the Marauders Teams.
We note

  1. 3 Teams were unbeaten all month. Knights, Giants and Saints.
  2. All Teams won at least once.
  3. Most Teams won or drew more than they lost, meaning we can call ourselves a WINNING CLUB!
  4. And there were some impressive turnarounds and challenges overcome within March

For instance

  • The Panthers, Leopards & Bilbaos all started off losing this month but fought back to winning ways by the end of it.
  • The Phoenixes had the tradegy of a match being abandoned, due to a player sustaining a nasty injury and responded as a Team by winning the next 2 matches in tribute. Well done to Eddy and the boys.
  • The Lightenings took their cup run up to the semi finals and are still in with a good chance of getting promoted this Season. Well done, Vinny and the Lads.
  • If the month had fallen differently, with 4 matches instead of 5, the Vipers would be unbeaten in the last 4.
  • The Tigers had a mixed month, but if there was an award for the match reports of the month, Manager Dan would win hands down. Cheers Dan and keep up the good work.
  • The Saracens coninued their push at the top of their league. Impressive considering when was talking to Gary the other night, he confirmed it was 2 years ago they lost every match bar one, before Xmas. Keep it going Gary, Mike and the boys!
  • And the Sharks, Dragons, Eagles, Jets & Pumas all held their league positions ready for the end of season final push.

And so, as it can be seen the there are a number of candidates for the award this month. BUT given his team also won their league title this month, surely that should be the final dip at the line needed.
AND SO, the award for March Manager of the Month must go to Sir D…….
Is this a last minute veto from an anonymous committee member…..
‘If ****** thinks he getting manager of the month having got me up on Mother’s Day for this match, he’s got another thing coming!’

Oh well, I guess it will have to go to the vote at the managers meeting this Monday night, 7th April.
See you there folks. And non manager attendance rules you out of the vote! 🙂

The ‘And Finally’, pieces of news this month were

  1. Stuart; manager of the Panthers, Sharks, Junior Development, pitches & equipment, and least we forget, Feb MMotM; passed his Level 2 Coaching Badges this month. Well done Stuart. This means he can now, err …… (Sorry, I just do the web site, don’t really know much about football :0)
  2. Prestwich OLOG won their school’s Year 6 League, also this month. Of interest to the Marauders as they contain 6, U11 & U10 Marauders player. Well done to all concerned.

Marauders Manager of the Month Award for February

As we compile our results for the Marauders Manager of the Month for February, we note:

1) The Weather beat most teams but is not available for nomination.
2) Tony’s Bilbao’s continued their January success in early Feb.
3) The Eagles continued their 3 month unbeaten run.
4) As did the Ron’s Leopards, with their unbeaten run stretching from Xmas. (The Lightenings, also)
5) The Knights management actually gave their parent’s the odd Saturday off. Last heard of in 2010.
(Conveniently allowing their goalie to recover)
6) The Saints continued to challenge for the top of their league (in the top division) with another 2 wins, along with 2 or 3 in Jan. (The Saracens also)
7) 2 Club Derbies occurred (Jets v Giants) & (Vipers v Tigers)
8) And the Pumas, Phoenixes, Sharks & Dragons all continued their climb of the league tables

But with a semi final tournament appearance, 2 league wins and 1 draw (and getting 3 matches in at all this month!!!!!!) the award must go to the Panthers and their manager Sir Stuart Adams; Marauders Legend, excellent line painter & all round great blerk!

Congratulations Stuart

We now look forward to the awards for March to be presented at the next managers meeting in April

Marauders Manager of the Month Award for January

At Monday’s managers meeting we presented our first ever MMotM (Marauders Manager of the Month) Award for January. This is to recognize the team with the best results in January.
And without a shadow of doubt the awards committee, i.e. me, voted for the Bilbao’s and their manager Tony Edwards; who won 2 & drew 1 out of 3 games during the month. (And the draw was a comeback from 3-0 down at half time thanks to a rousing team talk from Tony, Dean, Dean’ son)

The picture above shows the presentation of the award. However, due to the cameraman having to zoom in to see the trophy, the faces of Tony, who is being presented by Chris Abbott, our legendary chairman, are obscured.

Congratulations Tony

We now look forward to the awards for February and March to be presented at the next managers meeting in April.