Hi all, long message with lots of information ahead. Some of these details may be unnecessary but I deem worth clarifying. In addition, having read some of the government proposals it looks like the earliest we’ll be back together is the 4th July.


Gone are the days where you turn up and pay £3 per session, instead a more fixed amount is required. The fee has been around £20 per month, working out as a total of £200-250 per year. Currently, I do not know the subs for the forthcoming season but will let you know as soon as I do. The clubs current preferred method of payment is by standing order. However, it is looking into direct debits and PayPal payments for the future. The club is sensitive to possible financial issues, if you feel this applies please speak to me or directly to the treasurer or a club welfare officer, whose details can be found on the website. When setting up the payments via standing order, please MAKE SURE you use the team and players surname as the reference. Please note, only make these payments if your child is in Y4 or Y5 next year. Lastly, I require someone to take on the role as a treasurer to represent the team in financial matters with the club.


As part of the team the girls will get their own kits. However there is a real possibility with current circumstance that these will not be available at the beginning of the season. I have managed to acquire some temporary kits which we will use on a temporary basis. With regards to the temporary kits, if the girls have any Inter Milan kits and would like to wear them instead I totally understand, however it has to be Inter Milan and no other team, because the club colours as black/blue strips. Finally, please reassure the girls that the numbers they get on the permanent kits are not indicative of the position they will play. (i.e. 2 being right back, 3 being left back, 9 being striker and so on).


To reiterate on previous conversations, matches will be played on a Sunday and our home matches will be played at St Mary’s Park. Coming from development I always wanted to take on more girls as I thought their numbers would drop off, this leaves us with a high number for matches. So my plan is to take 10 girls to each match and allow them to get a better quality of time on the field. The plan is to split the games up into thirds and give equal time for all girls there. Every girl will get an opportunity to play everywhere to increase fairness. This extends to the position of goalkeeper. Having been a goalkeeper myself; I deem it valuable to give all girls experience playing this position. There will be no expectations when playing this position and as a reward they will be able to pick their position in the following match. This will also allow me to gauge what position your child wants to play. Parents will be required to help set up and take down the pitch on match days and officiate matches (linesmen and referee). I appreciate is an unpleasant task but I cannot coach and manage in addition to refereeing.


Training indoors has its issues, so in order to prepare the girls more for the weather next season we will be going outdoors and embracing the elements. Regarding the venue, I have put a request in for the club to book Salford Sports Village as I deem it to be the best facility we can get our hands on. This will be on a Wednesday night like last year, however the time is not certain, again I have requested for 7-8 but we may only be able to get 6-7, so I’m just preparing you.


To play matches the medical forms must be completed (TO BE SENT). If they are not completed then your child cannot play. Previously filled out forms have been deleted, due to personal information safe guarding measures, so they will have to be redone. Legally, to play matches your child must also wear shin pads and now that they are going outside, I absolutely recommend boots from a safety point of view.

On a personal note the girl’s teams at Marauders have a much better reputation than the boys, this is one of the reasons I decided to take on the girls. Without the work of volunteers then the club would either cease to exist or subs would be double/treble the price. I will take on the responsibility of managing and coaching the team, with the help of Phil. I cannot commit to much more. If you wish to enhance the team experience, parents will be required to organise and execute any social events or other social media contacts that they require. In addition, the club is always looking for volunteers and there will be times when I will be looking for you to help out.

Finally the team’s name is the Emeralds, so up the Emeralds, thanks for reading.