Woodbank 2-2 Prestwich Marauders Sharks

The Sharks have improved immensely over the last view weeks, but unfortunately have not been able to translate the good form in to points, was this going to be the day this changed. A fast start by the home team Woodbank and the Sharks found themselves 2 nil down, which was a slightly unfair reflection of early play. The boys regrouped at half time and were confident they could get back into the game and that they did. There were plenty of tackles flying about from both teams with Sharks coming out on top of the battles which allowed them to push on for goals, step up superstar Elliott. Having taken a kick in the face in the first 10 minutes he was now sporting a nice black eye, but he didn’t let that stop him scoring two wonderful goals in the last 5 minutes to bring the game back to 2 each, from this point there was going to be one winner unfortunately it was the ref (who incidentally had a great game) who blew for full time before we had chance to go for the winner, which surely would have come given a little more time.
Great come back from the boys, with a joint man of the match for Preston for keeping the goals out at one end and Elliott for putting the goals in at the other end.



Prestwich Marauders Sharks 3-0 Rossendale Valley Wasps

In a close fought match, the only difference was some clinical finishing by the boys. The first goal game from a slick passing move down the right and some nice passing between Preston and Callum, with Callum finishing with a right foot thunderbolt. Second half was pretty much of the same with the sharks playing some lovely football with Joe and Elliot adding goals.
Farah claimed man of the manager , bossing the midfield and starting most of our good work.
– Stuart


Prestwich Marauders Sharks V Radcliffe Borough JFC Aces

Great game today against Radcliffe Boro, with a good atmosphere on the touch line with very respectful parents and coaches. The game got off to a slow start with Radcliffe taking an early lead thanks to an unlucky own goal. The boys then switched on and began to pressure the opposition goal playing into a fierce wind. There were plenty of chances but we couldn’t get the goal before half time.
Change of ends and the wind was with us as we pushed for the equaliser and sure enough it came for a slick passing move finished of neatly by Callum. We were then on the hunt for the winner but the Radcliffe
goalkeeper stood firm and they managed to hold off our pressure and nearly nicked a late winner only to be foiled by a superb last ditch tackle by Liam which was as good as a goal. All the boys were fantastic today with a joint man of the match to Preston and Joe. Again though all the boys were great, unlucky to come away with just the one point.
– Stuart


Chaddy Park Lions V Prestwich Marauders Sharks

Thankfully this was our final game against one of the teams from Chadderton who occupy the top 3 spots in our division. The boys competed well right to the end when they succumbed to a sucker punch goal whilst pushing for the equaliser. Although results have gone against us, the boys have improved dramatically and I’m sure this will start to show in the results over the coming weeks. Great battling from all the boys: Joe, Jack, Thomas, Preston, Farah, Liam, Matthew, Callum, Evan, Elliott; you are all my hero’s. Man of the match to Evan for some great saves and another goal to Elliott extends his goal tally for the season.
– Stuart


Prestwich Marauders Sharks v Chaddy Park Dragons

Goal of the season by Callum great strike.