Due to popular demand, Mike Buckley, Jody Gorski and Daniel James, currently run a Monday session at Pinfold Lane, 6-7, for Reception children.

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Information on the sessions

  1. With the training now being on grass, football boots will become a necessity.
  2. Skinpads/Skinguards. It is an FA requirement for all children playing football to wear skinpads. http://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/lawsandrules/laws/football-11-11/law-4—the-players-equipment. Whilst this may seem excessive for this age group, the FA have been known to enforce this rule stringently.
  3. Given the number of children we have and the lack of volunteers, we will be looking to get more parents involved in running training groups. This would involve the parent monitoring, helping and encouraging a group of, say, 6 children to repeat the drills our Level 1 coaches will give them. Any parent who can help should make themselves known to the coaches.
  4. If not completed the Signing On Forms already, a text will be sent as a reminder to all parents until done. The importance of this is based around the need for the coaches to be aware of medical conditions of the children, for contact details in the event of an emergency and the parents/players having agreed to abide by the club handbook and codes of conduct for accident cover.
  5. It is also worth dispelling mis-information often heard about Prestwich Marauders. The coaches and helpers you see currently at the club are NOT paid. They are all volunteers helping to run the club for the benefit of its members. As such the club is always looking for people to get involved and volunteer. Again, if interested, please make yourself known to the coaches. Thanks.
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