Results for Sat. 3rd Jan. 2015 and Other News

A few matches over this weekend as teams get back into action and catch up on a few fixtures

Giants 7-1 Astley Bridge. (Motm: Ethan T.)
Radcliffe Boro 2-3 Knights Good, hard fought victory.

In other news….
Congratulation to Gary Thompson of the Saracens winning Marauders Manager of the Month for November.
For being unbeaten so far this season.
He fought off tough competition considering all Under 11’s were unbeaten that month.

2014 was certainly a successful year for the club.
Lets hope this inertia continues into 2015.

Below is a picture of the 4 European trophies won by Barcelona, at the stadium museum.
Compare this with the Marauders trophies of 7 in the top picture.
I think that says it all!

Happy New Year to all Marauders

Barca Cups