Results for Sat, 6th Sept. 2014

A more fuller fixture list this week

Hawks won against Seedfield. With some excellent refereeing decisions. Some of which were right!
Kestrels narrowly lost to Pennine Whites. And you should have heard the cheer when the Kestrels scored!
Falcons won against Roach Dynamo Blacks, in a close game.
Panthers won against their opposition, if only the person who texted us would tell us know the teams (lol) (MOTM: Lucas)
Tigers narrowly lost to Roach Dynamo Blacks
Vipers narrowly lost also against Warshaw
Dragons won 5-3!
All Stars – No Game
Sharks won 4-0. (MOTM: Preston)
Saints 2-4 Astley
Saracens – No Game
PLCC Nomads 4-2 Giants (Motm: Leon)
Knights 4-1 Leigh Genesis (Could be 6-1, the goalie can’t remember!)
Akrington Dynamos 3-4 Bilbaos. Motm: Lewis (Tony & Dean’s barmy army!)
Eagles – No Game
Lightenings – No Game
Phoenix – No Game