So I was asked to list the jobs / tasks / requirements to set up a team…

So the traditional marauders summary stance is… to set up a team, you need a manager / coach / treasurer and a sponsor.
3 volunteers make the first roles, often people who have a football background, but this is no precursor requirement

So, technically, the manager role can be an admin role..
They register the players with the league (and ensure they are registered with the club)
They deal with the league (annd other team managers) to organise the matches
They deal with the club (to organise training sessions and pitches / equipment for matches – sometimes marking out pitches)
They store and bring the equipment for the matches and training sessions (including safeguarding info and first aid equipment)
They attend league and club meetings to communicate changes and updates in team / club / leagues situations (current pandemic is a good example)

Someone needs to run training sessions, organise the team on match days and warm them up. This can be the manager for all these tasks, but a good coach to support in these areas is vital. Hence, the coaches job is often to run the football sessions

Fees are now paid via TeamPay, thus removing the main task of the Treasurer. However, a Treasurer can help manage additional funds for extra equipment, tournament fees and team parties.

Manager + Coach requires Safeguarding + First Aid Course / qualifications
Manager also requires Level 1. These courses can be done online and over the initial period of setting up the team

Current club policy is to send the younger team to central venue leagues. This removes the need to set up a pitch or source a referee for any homes games at St Mary’s Park or Sandgate.

On match day, someone will have to perform the following roles ……
Warm up the teams prior to the game – usually the coach, with maybe help from a parent(s)
Deal with the manager of the other team (polite greeting, warm welcomes, and official sharing of team sheets, etc.) – usually the manager
Deal with the referee – usually the manager

In the event of a home match (potentially a friendly at St Mary’s Park), this is where the other parents/guardians of the players become involved. They will need to set up the pitch and potentially provide a referee for the game.

Hopefully this gives some guidance on the work required to run and develop a successful team. Any queries can be answered by existing managers on the extent of their involvement