Here are the team names, age groups and managers:

Girls Team information
Age GroupSchool YearTeam NameManager
138WildcatsIain Wedderburn
126 and 7SapphiresDave O’Gorman
105 and 4BeesMike Buckley
83 and belowGirls Development ClassDaniel James/Chris ‘The Club’ Abbott

Boys Team information
Age GroupSchool YearTeam NameManager
61Boys Development ClassMike Buckley, Jody Gorski and Daniel James
61WarriorsStewart Allcock
72DynamosPaul Sanderson/Neil Wilson
83PythonsJon Hobday
83CobrasChristos Demetriou
83 WolvesMike Buckley
94GiantsBecky Johnson
94RaidersPaul Sanderson
94BearsMarc Evans
105LionsStewart Allcock
105PumasPaul Sanderson
116HawksDan Jackson/Ian Lindop
116KestralsMark Crilly
127TigersSteve Smith
127VipersDan Smith
149DragonsTom Kemp
1510SaintsDanny Waywell
1712KnightsDave O’Gorman
1712SpartansLee De Mascia

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