Prestwich Marauders Tigers Mini League Tournament

There was a mini league tournament today for the Tigers.
P6 W3 D1 L2
We scored 5, conceded 2 and finished 3rd.
All the lads played well.
Man of the matches Luke A.




Prestwich Marauders Tigers v Radcliffe Town

The Tigers Support Staff each reviewed the travel arrangements before the game. Oh yeah, its just round the corner so wont take long and will be easy to find.

A case of overconfidence as everyone was then late, some even nearly finding their way to a garden centre en route. Everyone except Felim’s driver, who knows where he’s going and how long it takes to get there, nice one.

Captain Felim clearly took advantage of his few extra minutes warming up with a great first half performance. He was everywhere, tackling, dribbling, passing, position and movement, one of the best 20 minutes anyone’s had in a Tigers jersey. Maybe it was the captains armband that did it, but the coach can’t take all the credit. A team of Captain Felims today would beat anyone.

But alas it wasn’t to be, to their credit Radcliffe played some good football and established a 3-nil lead in the first 15 minutes. The Tigers regrouped, a couple of changes, and a few more changes, and then one more change and they won the last 25 minutes 1-nil!

Great goal from Luke, who was so determined to score it was inevitable he eventually did. And some great play from Leo, earning the man of the match through consistency, hard work and some great defensive covering preventing any clear shots on goal during his spell on the pitch.



Prestwich Marauders Tigers v Roach Dynamos

Like a well oiled machine the support staff turned up on time and immediately got to work setting up the pitch. It proved to be a good start.

Then followed a game of four quarters.

First quarter the Tigers started well, bossing possession with some good play in the middle from Rowan, Felim and Sam, with Luke A at the back mopping-up anything that came near him. A determined run from Felim and a great finish brought him a deserved goal, first quarter finishing 1-0.

Drinks break and the Tigers coach goes one better than José Mourinho and makes four subs at once. This proved to be a stroke of tactical genius and the next 10 minutes brought 3 unanswered goals before half time.

Buoyed by his tactical nouse, the coach then made an unprecedented 5 changes for the 3rd quarter. This really balanced the game out with with one goal going each way.

Ensuring everyone got their minutes on the pitch four more changes were made for the final quarter, which brought four more goals.

Some great finishes today from Ronan and Luke G striking into the corners.

Man of the match to Felim for his determined play, great passing and dribbling.

Special mention to Sam and Ronan for their joint goalkeeping efforts finishing with the cleanest goalie top of the season!



Prestwich Marauders Tigers v Roach Dynamos

On a bitterly fresh March morning the Tigers grouped, 3 players down ready to face Roach Dynamos at the re-arrange location due to soggy conditions at Sandgate.

The Tigers were up for a good game of football and after the coach explained about silent Saturday football the match was underway.

The Dynamos took a 3-0 lead and after last weeks performance Captain Joe lead from the back bossing the players. The Tigers were back on it and after playing the ball through to Rowan for a cool finish it was 3-3. The Dynamos couldn’t believe it.

The Tigers then took the lead after a Nathaniel hat trick and a role about in the mud for celebration the score was now 3-4. The Dynamos were now digging deep got behind the ball and managed to pull back another couple of goals.

The final result didn’t go our way with it ending 8-6 but a brilliant game was had by all. Well played Tigers, they worked well together with no extra coaching from the sidelines.

Man of the match goes to Rowan for a great all round performance.



Radcliffe Borough Crusaders v Prestwich Marauders Tigers

After a run of games without much success the coach decided to highlight the importance of defending before the game. With only one defender in a 1-2-1 formation this means he has to stay at the back and cover, be the last man, Joe you’re good at the back you can be defender today. Joe obviously knows better than the coach, attack is the best form of defence, and he goes on to prove it by plundering 6 great individual goals in the first half. A one man defending, dribbling, scoring machine.

In nets for the second half he even manages to get a couple more shots off from there too.

Some great contributions from all the boys today, tackling, passing, dribbling, some great teamwork and a well deserved victory for all.

Man of the match, who else but Joe, first half double hat-trick, second half clean sheet and then a few great penalty saves in the shootout after the match, did someone tell him there was a Barca scout watching the game?



Inter-club Derby: Tigers v Vipers

A highly anticipated game, pre-match shenanigans with the weather and reports that the pitch was marked out like some kind of giant wonky hopscotch didn’t deter our eager teams.

These boys all know each other well having trained together since the U6’s, surely this would be a boring stalemate of 90’s Italian proportions?

Not so, it was an epic blockbuster.

Everyone turned up on time, apart from the Tiger’s manager who’s still ruing those extra Jack Daniels from last night, the pitch was well set-up and the rumours of bad line-marking dismissed. Perfect weather for football, game-on.

An even first few minutes then some comedy defending tee’d the ball up nicely, it still needed finishing though, and sure enough, boom, one nil to the Vipers. The Tigers reacted well and some great play through the middle saw them pull it back level, 1-all. The Vipers pressed again, some more defensive confusion left them an easy chance which allowed them to strike with Viper-like precision, 2-1 to the Vipers.

The Tigers started hunting in packs, even though their manger was urging them to ‘spread-out’, this tactic worked for them and sustained pressure saw them grab the equaliser for the second time in the match, 2-all. Then a goalmouth scramble in the Vipers box, did the ball cross the line? There’s no hawkeye to rely on here, amidst the debate Luke decided it for everyone by slamming the loose ball home, that was definitely over the line. The Tigers lead for the first time in the match 3-2.

Fantastic dibbling down the left wing and wicked drive from Nat saw the Tigers move further ahead, 4-2. Three goals unanswered, three minutes left on the clock, surely too much for the Vipers?

Not so, the Vipers dug in and pulled one back, 4-3, and as the seconds ticked away they threw everyone forward for one last determined push and sure enough got their reward with an equalising goal, 4-all then the final whistle blew.

A well fought draw for the Tigers, a winning draw for the Vipers, they don’t get many like that in Serie A.

Tigers man of the match goes to Ronan for his passing, dribbling and communication, great team play. Special mention for Archie from the Vipers who banged in some brilliant crosses.