An early start on Sunday saw the girls participate in a friendly match against each other, as a pre run for friendlies over the next few weeks. An expected slow start to the game as the girls found their feet and a few half chances with nothing massive to write home about. Half time happened and the girls on both sides’ rotated and instant impact or what as Isabelle had smacked in a goal, well placed as well. A barrage of disgruntled girls in the red at Max’s goalkeeping or attempt at it saw me highlight a few things for consideration and the game got underway again. The blues were relentless and the ball soon broke to Isabelle on the right who hit hard, hit well and hit low causing the keeper problems. This goal was met with an even louder barrage of disgruntled girls where I had to point out things, like Max won’t be playing in net for us and there wasn’t a single red shirt near Isabelle. 2-0 up it was the blues game for sure but Lucy ran from her own half with the ball to slot to the right of Alex. Then a fumbled error, where the blues couldn’t clear their lines and it was 2-2. The blues undeterred came again and Isabelle slotted in her third to complete her hat trick. Surprisingly there was no moaning about the keeper this time; either that or I blocked it out. With 3 minutes left on the watch Scarlett scored an equalizer and it was 3-3. The ball then broke for Erin who all game had been putting in tackles and getting about, where she tackled the keeper and proceeded to score a winner. Now, the opposition management were not happy about an extra 40 seconds being played on the watch but have they never heard of stoppage time? Overall, a great game and a good lesson for the girls, allowing them to get used to the size of pitch and length of match. Onwards and upwards Emeralds.