It was the first league game of the season, what a season we have ahead for the Emeralds; our first game was at home to Winton. Tough opposition last time out. The Emeralds started slowly though, and we found ourselves down, due to a collection of defensive errors. The highlight of the first half was Scarlett’s solo goal, where she dribbled the length of the field on stuck it in the back of the net. However, after pulling 1 back, more defensive errors and confusion meant we were down heavily at half time. Not a problem though, we were down at half time last time. The Emeralds came out and rampaged the second half and truly dominated the game, Lucy hit the post, Erin hit just wide, and if they attacked Hattie and Emily cleared or Sadie saved. Our first goal came from a run down the right when Scarlett shot across the keeper from a tight angle and just managed to squeeze it in. Followed by Sophie’s deflected effort which got us back even closer. Attack after attack and it just wasn’t falling for the Emeralds, the whistle went and today wasn’t meant to be. Hard lessons learnt but we go again. Onwards and upwards Emeralds.